Construction Industry Services

STM has some very specific construction industry services developed through years of experience working with our industry partners.  Utilizing our extensive industrial experience we have developed some of the safest and most cost effective solutions including:

  • OGS (Oil Grit Separators) – Cleaning to remove sediment buildup as part of regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain environmental compliance.
  • Tunnel and Conveyor Cleaning – An essential preventative maintenance service that can prevent premature wear of moving parts when done as part of a regular maintenance schedule.
  • Removal of Slurries from Wash Out Pits
  • General Site Cleanup Services – Essential to keeping a safe and productive work environment.
  • Catch Basins, Pump Stations
  • High Pressure Cleaning of underground line buildup from general yard debris (Portland, Sand and Stone)

While it is not always possible to avoid down time and unexpected issues, customers utilizing our scheduled maintenance / cleaning services are seeing significant savings and reductions in costly premature equipment failure.  Additionally regularly scheduled maintenance and cleanout ensures compliance with the Ministry of Environment and Municipalities.

Call for a free no obligation quote and see how over 35 years of industrial cleaning experience can benefit your company.


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