Disposal / Recycling Solutions

As a leader in the Industrial / Commercial Sector offering a variety of Disposal / Recycling Solutions, Incineration and Waste to Energy services, each project is customized to meet the unique challenges of each customer including:

  • Chemical Recycling / E-Waste Recycling services
  • Drummed / Tote / Pail Waste services with a variety of packing / transport options including Lab Packing, Over Packing, Super Sacs, Totes, Drums and more…
  • Bulk Waste Pickup with a variety of Recycling / Disposal options compliant with all industry regulations and guidelines as specified by the MOE, TDG, TSSA, etc…
  • Product Identification and Analysis
  • MOE / TDG/Transport Canada Approved Vehicles & Receivers

Each Disposal / Recycling solution is equipped to handle both hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams in a safe and compliant manner.  Our modern, well maintained equipment ensures stress free service delivered in a timely, professional and cost effective manner.

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